A simple refreshment that simply does more than refresh
Project : Blanc Coco
Project Type : Branding, Packaging
Team : Avery Team
Content : Avery Team
Location : Bangkok, Thailand

BLANC COCO is a sparkling coconut water distributed in many countries across the world such as Austria, Italy, Romania, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and more. The challenge is that there has been quite a number of coconut water brands out there in the market already so how? How are we going to differentiate ourself and catch the consumer’s eyes before they land on those other brands? That’s an undeniably important factor in doing marketing, however; catching attention is a result of not only an outstanding design, but also the strategies, concepts, and core idea behind it as well.

Let’s start with the basics; naming and logo design. Actually, those are the hardest and most time- consuming steps of the whole process. From the brief, our client pictured this product to be more towards high-end beverage side with a condition that we would have to include ‘coco’ in the name so that the name indicated the product itself. We came up with the name ‘BLANC COCO’ as the world ‘blanc’ means ‘white’ in French which is the color of coconut water that people can easily relate and despite its meaning, using French kind of gives out a hint of luxury as well.

Logo-wise, there was something beyond creativity, elegance, and delicacy in designing our work that we wanted to add on; meaningfulness. By using a few lines, we combined together the 2 elements making up the product itself; coconut and water. At the first glance, you might definitely see a coconut but we also borrowed the shape of a drop of water for that satisfying element of the behind-story.
Corporate image(CI) is crucial, especially, in creating brand image as it turns an abstract idea into physical form. For BLANC COCO, we wanted to deliver the feelings of fun and refreshing through our design in every single detail, however; we did remember to hang some sense of luxury or as we could say a ‘higher standard’ around. For instance, to excite and not let things be too boring, we imitated the movement of the weaving water surface and created this pattern used in any brand-related material such as bottle labels which also helped make our brand easy to recognize instead of using the logo per se.

Marketing material like advertising whether in a form of leaflet or shelf talker plays an important role in brand and marketing communication. That’s why we always make sure that the message they carry as well as the art go in the same direction.