Project : Chewathai Residence Asoke
Project Type : Website
Team : Avery Team
Content : Avery Team
Location : Bangkok, Thailand

Chewathai Residence Asoke is another big and interesting project of ours. Chewathai is a real estate company and Chewathai Residence Asoke is one of their projects selling 29-story condominium located in Asoke area. Chewathai Residence Asoke is formerly own by a different real estate company and has actually sold most of the rooms already. The problem was that once the news of this condominium changing its owner traveled, some buyers who didn’t quite trust Chewathai as much as the former company happened to change their mind and wanted to return the rooms. And that’s the problem we need to solve.

It is the lack of trust that has caused this undesirable situation. People wanted to return the rooms they’ve already reserved because they had no idea who Chewathai was or also possibly because they’ve heard not so many good things about Chewathai. Our job is to create a new brand image and identity or as we like to call it, a new ‘emotional connection’ between the name Chewathai and the customers.

We started by choosing the selling point; what was the main thing that we wanted to say and since this condominium has already got its distinction that attracted people; all the room was duplex meaning it had a loft inside and the ceiling was higher than a normal room, we chose this as our strong selling point. Besides, the location of the condominium, Asoke, is going to be the new business district in Bangkok so this condominium will not only attract general customers, but investors and mostly business people as well. That’s why we came up with the concept that ‘we redefine higher living and think for your future.

Starting by a logo, we wanted the logo to look tall implying the extra ceiling height with the shape that was imitated from the shape of the condominium itself.

Mood and tone of the brand was crucial as our targets were likely to be elder people so we wanted it to look professional, extremely credible, and grand hence we used the color deep blue as the main color. We also created patterns to use with any brand related material such as advertising and website.