Conwood is a company operated under a foremost industrial company Siam City Cement Public Company Limited. Conwood manufactures high quality decorative materials from portland cement and cellulose fiber making the product unique, elegant, and easy to use as if made from real natural wood.

For Conwood, company website is a very important platform where the customers search for information they need in order to make decisions. That’s why creating a decent website is considered crucial in such case. Conwood’s old website’s problems are that it didn’t support mobile access which is a huge problem since most people use their smartphones to look things up on the internet these days and another problem is that it was so complicated to find specific

What we do is we redesign the website. We develop Conwood website to fit better with people’s lifestyle, making it less complicated and a lot easier to use that anyone can search for whatever product they’re looking for within a few seconds. Nonetheless, we also enable mobile accessibility making it possible to access the website via smartphones and other mobile devices.