Project : Excel Plastic
Project Type : Catalog Design
Team : Avery Team
Content : Avery Team
Location : Bangkok, Thailand

Excel, world’s leading packaging manufacture, manufactures various kinds of plastic packaging; from a plastic lid to microwavable take away container. Having quite a wide range of product can sometimes be a struggle since it tends to make things unnecessarily complicated when it comes to introducing or giving information about each particular product. That stresses the importance of a catalogue and it is our job to design and create a catalogue that will completely carry all the information and present all the product that Excel has to offer in the best way possible.

We’ve designed a catalogue that focuses on presenting the product’s high quality and giving necessary information. As you can see, we want the customer to be able to clearly see the product so we make it very simple with big pictures and categorized them all by their usage and specialty. For example, we have bakery packaging, salad&fruits, tray, and more. We create a clean and easy structure used to organize product pictures and information making it easy to understand as well as looking credible.