Friendsoftheriver-th : WEBSITE

Project : Friendsoftheriver-th Website
Project Type : Website
Team : Avery Team
Content : Avery Team
Location : Bangkok, Thailand

Friend of the River(FOR) is a group of people who are aware of the ultimate value of rivers and realize the upcoming effect from city development which leads to river ruination and loss of cultural heritage. So, they gather explicit knowledge in order to communicate and create awareness among people in the society. Besides, they also create a space where people can discuss and creatively share their opinions so that all sectors in the society do contribute to making decision of how city development should be operated. FOR promotes sustainable relationship between people, rivers and the ecosystem.

The purpose of creating FOR website is to add another means for promoting the project as well as reporting any progress FOR has made including the activities. We keep the website very basic and simple with friendly look and feels yet informative and very easy to understand.