Logo Design Process

It’s true that a logo might not be the most important part in building a brand but that doesn’t at all lessen its importance. Logo tells stories; it gives out hints of who(a brand or company and so on) you are, what you do, or even what your brand values. Designing logo is undeniably not an easy job so how? How do we create logo that not only does it look decent but carry out massages as well?
We start from the beginning;

The Brief
Now, it’s crucial that we have as much information as we can get about the brand and our client in order to analyze and legitimately understand what is it that they’re trying to put out to the world.
Another group of people we will need to study is our client’s targets; the people whom the logo will actually speak to. It is extremely important that we know all the things that we need to know before continuing our design process as this information and analysis will determine the core idea or element that the logo will have to contain.

After analyzing all the information, we will come up with relatable keywords. Now, coming up with keywords is like trying to identify main ideas of a story. Some stories have only 1 main idea but mostly there are more, especially, when it comes to a brand story, there’re usually numerous dimensions for us to play with. The point is that picking up keywords is quite tricky but we do know our way around as we believe what works is far more important than what’s best. So, we tend to keep our eyes out for that.

Using tree diagrams, we can break down our keywords into many new, smaller pieces of idea we can continue to develop. The more keyword we have, the more idea we can generate.

Next is the fun part; sketching. This is when we start sketching out ideas we have from the tree diagrams earlier. Nothing too fancy or delicate, just a brief design of what each logo from each idea will look like. Then, we will continue the fun by bringing all the sketches to life.

We’ve finally reached the design part where we will actually create and develop the logo design from our sketches using tools like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. There are 3 main parts that we have to take care of; symbol, font, and color.

We need to decide if our logo will have a symbol or just the brand name alone or a symbol alone without the name. Either is fine as long as we can manage to communicate and convey messages through our design.

In case it has a name, choosing the right font is essential as it portrays brand personality. We have to make sure that the symbol and the font unite as a whole and go in the same direction as well.

To choose the logo color, we consider the meaning behind the color as well as the feelings it gives like does it look friendly or professional enough, for instance.

After everything’s done, then we’ll present our designs to the client. These are a few examples of our logo design work chosen by our beloved clients.