Singapore International School of Bangkok(SISB)

Project : Singapore International School of Bangkok(SISB)
Project Type : Website
Team : Avery Team
Content : Avery Team
Location : Bangkok, Thailand

Designing and creating company website is also one of our services and expertise. Company website plays a crucial role in attracting potential customers as well as providing information. In today’s world, in particular, since the internet including social network tends to be the first option when it comes to information searching or even decision making.

SISB is a leading provider and manager of premium Singapore International Schools in Thailand. SISB currently owns and manages four campuses in Thailand. Each campus has its own website and our job is to create a consistent feeling, look, and design for each and every one of them so that they can altogether deliver the corporate image. Besides, these sites are contact points between the school and parents so it’s also important to create a proper platform for exchanging information and communication.

Since SISB is an educational institute, we try to keep the design to be friendly-looking and quite neutral; nothing too fancy or advance. Instead, we place an importance on the professional look and even more on its function.

We make sure that the site can be accessed via various kinds of media since there’s a lot more than a computer that people use to surf the internet these days like smartphones or other gadgets. Our system can support all kinds of gadgets as well as altering its pages to fit with each kind making it easier to use.

To manage the content, SISB needs no professional programmers as we’ve provided a super convenient system allowing SISB to manage their content on the site without complexity or extra hands.