AVERY & CO is incorporated by a group of people with more than ten years consulting experience in various fields provided to the local and international clients and by the idea of being your truly business partners to deliver ultimate solutions for your businesses.

Branding and Designing services together with Legal supports mean to bethe core business of us. We aim to provide you one stop shop services with the best strategies and qualities. Therefore, you can leave your plan with us then we will professionally handle it with care to achieve your targets and beyond your expectation.

We believe in the quote from Samuel Taylor Coleridge that “What Come from the Hearts, Goes to the Hearts” and use it as our working philosophy. Every task we have been assigned, we contribute with all of our hearts to complete it as your success in our ultimate goals.


We dedicated to assist you in your branding and designing projects including providing business solutions and legal supports. With the experience of our staffs for more than ten years, we promise to provide the best solution for your business.